What happens culturally in Shanghai?

Shanghai cultural events

I’ve occasionally heard “Shanghai just doesn’t really make the grade in terms of cultural goings-on” (I think we’re talking about things attractive to Westerners).

Admittedly this isn’t Paris, London, or NYC, but there are some things happening. Within the last some months, we’ve had: Riverdance, the Eagles, Usher, Avril Lavigne, Bob Dylan, and the Eels (well, the latter bombed out, but anyway) opened by Nouvelle Vague. That’s not even counting the Walking with Dinosaurs, or the Song Siheng piano recital, or Yo Yo Ma last fall, or Twelfth Night this spring, or the upcoming Odd Couple (these by two of Shanghai’s three local English-language theater troupes), or July’s Sesame Street roadshow performance, or this approaching fall’s Berlin Philharmonic visit, or the F1 this spring, or Yao Ming’s Shanghai Sharks games—to name just a few. In short, partly it’s about hearing what’s going on. Here are a few sources:

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The new Batman eco friendly car

The new Batman super car

If Batman hasn't gotten enough respect in the dark streets of Gotham City, then he will most definitely get it now.

'The Dark Knight' has been gotten a new Batmobile, and this time it is actually good for the environment.

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Avoid getting sick because of your dishcloth

Dirty dish cloth and your health

A dishcloth can be dangerous to your health. It is therefore extremely important to change it every day

It's quick around all corners of the sink after the dishes are done and it gets a brief rinse under the tap before being placed next to the sink still wet. Your kitchen dishcloth stands up against lots of things and it is not only a bacteria bomb but it can be dangerous to your health.

- Dishcloths are full of different bacteria and the number will be very different depending on where it has been, but it will always have a bad bacterial factor in your kitchen. Bacteria are namely lazy like humans and would rather spend the least possible energy on finding food and in a dishcloth they find the right combination of fluid and food.

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Raw food is unhealthy in the long run

Eating raw vegetables is not always healthy

Many vitamins and minerals are not used when eating raw food.

Raw food is food that is prepared without using an oven, pots and pans. And the raw diet is modern - especially among those who are devoted to healthy eating.

But actually it is not very healthy to stick to a diet with only food that has not been above 42 degrees, which is a guideline for raw food.

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Airport Safety of the future

Airport safety of the future

One of the most frustrating parts of a flight are the inevitable queues at security checkpoints. But maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has now unveiled the first prototype of the future security at airports. Besides reducing congestion it should also minimize the number of body searches and of course improve security.

The new system was recently showcased at the 67th IATA Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit in Singapore.

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