The new Batman eco friendly car

The new Batman super car

If Batman hasn't gotten enough respect in the dark streets of Gotham City, then he will most definitely get it now.

'The Dark Knight' has been gotten a new Batmobile, and this time it is actually good for the environment.

CO2 neutral

The car is built in pure carbon fiber and powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Therefore, it can call itself Co2 neutral. However, an afterburner has been installed in the back, so Batman can still make a proper entrance in front of criminal gangs.

The cabin is built with two longitudinal seats, so there is room for Robin. In addition, the car has a radar jammer, a laser system and hooks to shoot out.

Well-known car manufacturer behind the car

The man behind the car's design is called Gordon Murray, and that is a name that people with gasoline in their blood will recognize. He is also behind one of the most prominent super cars; the McLaren F1.

Murray has after his success with the super car used a some of his time on a city car project, and now he can also call himself the creator of a Batmobile.

The car will be in the so-called 'Batman Live' theatrical show, currently touring England. Whether it also gets a spot in the next film in the Batman series is still uncertain.

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