Raw food is unhealthy in the long run

Eating raw vegetables is not always healthy

Many vitamins and minerals are not used when eating raw food.

Raw food is food that is prepared without using an oven, pots and pans. And the raw diet is modern - especially among those who are devoted to healthy eating.

But actually it is not very healthy to stick to a diet with only food that has not been above 42 degrees, which is a guideline for raw food.

Vitamins come with heat treatment

- There are many vitamins and minerals that we can not obtain if the food has not been heated. Of course, there are also both vitamins and minerals lost through heating, so it is best to plan a diet containing both raw and cooked vegetables.

Too little protein

But it is not only minerals and vitamins you most likely won't get enough of if you stick to raw food. Just as for vegetarians, it is difficult for the raw-food eaters to get enough protein.

- You eat neither dairy products - which of course has been heated - or much meat, because it is to be eaten raw. Instead, you as a raw-food eater have to ensure your proteins through chickpeas, beans and cereals, but they too have to be eaten without being heated up. It is estimated that raw food eaters only get enough protein if they are highly aware of it.

Harder to Lose Weight

And this is precisely the problem about protein in your diet; raw food is far from ideal for people who want to lose weight.

- It is known that proteins are among the most important thing to have when you want or have to lose weight. To lose fat tissue and maintain muscle tissue, you will need to eat lots of protein.

Be inspired

Many dieticians wonder why raw food has become hugely popular among the group of people who are very much into healthy eating and being slim.

- There is nothing wrong with eating raw food at times. And there's certainly a good opportunity to be inspired  when trying to find new ways to combine vegetables and let it become a part of your daily diets as long as you do not become fanatic.

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