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This is why you run better when you hear music

It has been scientifically proven that music during the race helps you run faster.

Your iPod helps you while running

Are you one of those who also have a very hard time getting ready for a run if you do not have music in your ears?

If you are, then you can enjoy that music can help in other ways than just the motivation to run. Research shows that if you run to music, it actually has a beneficial effect on one's endurance.

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AT Watt Test for Bicycle Riders

A test of your AT Watt can both be carried out on a bike indoors or on your bike on the road. The test should give you answers on how many watts you can perform on average for one hour. With this knowledge you can train very precise intervals in which you must provide a solid watt output in the pedals.

It only makes sense to test if you have a watt meter on your bike so that you can use the test results in your training. If you do not have a watt meter on your bike, you can train using your pulse, which gives you an accurate heart rate zone you should keep when you train interval.

Watt workout I recommend to those who are super serious cyclists or who do not compromise on bike training.

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