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Carbohydrates and Protein intake after training


When talking about endurance training, it is important to eat enough carbohydrates after training. The muscles sugar depots (glycogen store) were drained and they need to be replenished if you want to be able to train optimally within a relatively short period of time. Intake of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index just after training promotes the construction of the glycogen store.

Even after strength training the intake of carbohydrate is important, because there is a huge "burn off" here too during training.

After strength training, it is important to eat protein immediately after the training, as several studies show that this can improve the building of muscle mass. This is both shown in rat experiments, strength training of the elderly and in rehabilitation efforts.

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The world's best dietary advice is called fitness

Running and other exercises is superior to even the healthiest diet when it comes to keeping your body healthy.

Jerk W. Langer runs a marathon every week. And as a doctor and health expert, he is by nature interested in new research.

Something that particularly interests Langer right now, is the Nutrition Council of Norway. The Council has looked at virtually all comparative studies of diet and exercise. And clearly and unequivocally concludes, that the scientific evidence that exercise makes us healthier is much better than the evidence of the benefits of healthy eating.

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