New exercise fad can kill you

Crossfit, the potential fatal exercise

People flock to crossfit, but the hard training can end up with kidney failure

A new training wave rolls over the world. Interest in the physically demanding type of training called crossfit, where people performs a series of exercises at very high intensity has exploded, and some suppliers indicate a growing demand.

But many who train crossfit are not aware that this very physically demanding workout can go wrong. Even if you are used to raise your heart rate in other forms of training.

- Crossfit is one of the only forms of training where it is known that there is a risk of the potentially fatal condition of rhabdomyolysis, which can end in kidney failure.

The kidneys are stopped
The danger occurs when muscle tissue is broken down too fast, and a substance called myoglobin is released into your bloodstream. The substance is in fact harmful to the kidneys, they will be blocked by this substance, and it may thus turn out to cause kidney failure. However, it is rare that it ends in the extreme, but many find precursors to rhabdomyolysis.

- Many people know what it feels like to be sore in the muscles for one to two days after training. And that is exactly what can happen at crossfit just in extreme severe cases where the body goes into a kind of shock. It is a very fierce soreness that arise immediately after you have completed the exercises, and it is frightening just how fast the muscle tissue breaks down.

- Crossfit is potentially fatal, but it is important to stress that it only happens very rarely.

To avoid cases of rhabdomyolysis, you should never attend a class above your level. You should always start at beginners level and not change class until you and your trainer are certain that you can manage.

Go to the emergency room if you experience symptoms like extreme soreness and problems stretching out your joints.

- Crossfit may well be a very effective form of exercise. It's just enormously important that you listen to your body and allow yourself to stop if the exercise gets too hard. And if you're just starting out, it is important to tell this to your instructor that you are in fact a beginner. If you still end up getting very dark urine, swollen muscles, painfully sore muscles, dizziness and vomiting, these are all symptoms of rhabdomyolysis, contact your doctor or go to the emergency room, because this is a state can be deadly.


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