AT Watt Test for Bicycle Riders

A test of your AT Watt can both be carried out on a bike indoors or on your bike on the road. The test should give you answers on how many watts you can perform on average for one hour. With this knowledge you can train very precise intervals in which you must provide a solid watt output in the pedals.

It only makes sense to test if you have a watt meter on your bike so that you can use the test results in your training. If you do not have a watt meter on your bike, you can train using your pulse, which gives you an accurate heart rate zone you should keep when you train interval.

Watt workout I recommend to those who are super serious cyclists or who do not compromise on bike training.

The test done on your bike on the road can show both your current AT Watt and your AT pulse.

You should find a circular route of 5 - 10 km which is flat or with relatively few flat hills, in order for you to get the wind from all directions. To make the test credible, you must perform the test once a month and warm up just before the test, so you always get adapted test results according to your current form. Do not put too much effort into the beginning of the actual test so that you need to adjust the hardness down the middle of the test.

Warmup for all types of cyclists

15 min. - Warm up with rising pulse using low gear.
5 min. - Bring your pulse up to the calculated AT heart rate and keep it.
5 min. - Relax in a low gear and get the pulse down.

The test starts

2 min. - Work your heart rate up in the area you think you can keep it throughout test.
8 min. - Keep the pulse with a kadence at 90 to 100 revolutions per minute
19min. - Start measuring and ride as fast as you can for all 19 min.
1 min. - End the test with maximum effort. then stop the measurement
The test is over.

20 min. - Drive in low gear and low pulse

Test results

The test result is the average of your heart rate and the number of watts you have achieved in the last 20 min of test.

Rapid tests

After the above warmup cycle 5 km on a flat road where you give it your all with a smooth power transfer and pulse. Do not start too hard or too soft during this test. The result will, for the experienced cyclist be around. 10% higher than your AT watts or your AT heart rate. For the less experienced cyclist, your AT watts or your AT heart rate will be around 13 to 15% lower.

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