Water Towns near Shanghai

Zhouzhuang Water Town, Shanghai, China


This is the water town famous for it's stone gardens and delicious fish cuisine.
Attractions: Stone gardens, old style restaurants and a temple atop a small mountain.
Price: Free
Distance from Shanghai: 120 km.
Website: www.mudu.com.cn

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History of the Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival, Shanghai, China

Dragon boat rowing/racing started in China in 277 BC in memory of the Chinese poet, Qu Yuan.

The poet and government official Qu Yuan composed poems about corruption and had many enemies in doing this, most of the plotting to have him removed from his office. In defiance against the rampant corruption Qu Yuan threw himself into the Mi-Lo River.

The local fishermen, who were among his faithful followers, were horrified and rushed in their boats to rescue him. During the rowing they would beat on drums and splash in the water in order to frighten fish and Dragons away from Qu Yuan. They also threw small packets with rice into the river to feed the hungry fish. The fishermen failed to save the poet, but they never forgot his self-sacrifice on corruption.

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Culture shock

Culture shock

To move to another country in order to work there for a shorter or longer period of time is for the most part, a great and enriching experience, but it can also have serious emotional and behavioral consequences, that you perhaps had not foreseen. You have to do without your cultural foundation, family, friends, and other networks, and one's sense of identity can be shaken.

To be an accompanying spouse, when the job moves abroad, is not necessarily the easiest task. The pressure on the spouse can be great because everyone has a need for your home to appear as yours, as we know it, so that it can provide a secure base.

Stages of culture shock

We are talking about three different phases. Not all feel these stages and emotions as strong as they are described here. And of course, it is not all that respond in this way.

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Taking a Taxi in Shanghai

Shanghai Taxi, Shanghai, China

A popular way of getting around Shanghai is to take a taxi. There are more than 70.000 taxis (May 2011) and more are put into the streets every month. Not all taxis are real, there are fake ones out there as well as privately owned taxis where the service usually lacks in comparison to the larger companies. I will try to give as much information as possible about what to avoid as well as Chinese preference. I did a quick poll on the internet and more than a hundred thousand Shanghainese responded to the question regarding their preference if they could always choose a specific company.

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Trade Chambers of Commerce in Shanghai

The American Chamber of Commerce
Shanghai Center
Suite 568
1376 Nanjing Road West
Shanghai 200040


Phone : (8621) 6279-7119
Fax : (8621) 6279 - 7643
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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