OTC Pain Medication (Fenbid)

Fenbid, painkiller, Shanghai, China

Fenbid, painkiller, Shanghai, China

Here is another less potent painkiller. This one is great for lower back pain as well as joint and muscle pains. Though it states that it's good for headaches I have not had great success using it for that.

OTC Pain Medication (Celebrex)

Celebrex, Celecoxib, acute painkiller, Shanghai, China

Celebrex, painkiller, back pain, Shanghai, China

For those of you with serious pains, or like me, serious back pain due to a herniated disk, it can be nice to know what medication to get your hands on. The above shown picture is the strongest OTC medicine you can get here in China. Please carefully read the instructions and warnings here (Celebrex) as there are a few warnings.

Acid reflux and heartburn medicine

Medicine for heartburn or acid reflux, Shanghai, China

Medicine for heartburn or acid reflux, Shanghai, China

Finding the right medicine in China can be a challenge because everything is in Chinese. I have found this great medicine to combat heartburn. It's a foreign brand and not  too expensive in comparison to other solutions. Have a look at the pictures above and print them so that you can show the pharmacy what you need.

The Bone Doctor

The Bone Doctor, Shanghai, China

I have talked to lots of expatriates who have or had problems with their knees, elbows or spine etc. and one doctor keeps on coming up in the conversations. He is referred to as the bone doctor and I sent my wife to him because she had problems in her lower back. Everything was fixed in two visits and she's now running at full speed again. The only problem is that the man himself is only at the clinic once a month (lives in Hong Kong). The clinic is run by one of his best graduates and he is also recommended by expatriates.

You should book a time with Lawrence well ahead if you want to have a consultation with him.

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