Foreign Consulates

British Consulate General
Rm 301, West Tower, Shanghai Center.
1376 Nanjing Xi Lu
Tel:  62797650 Fax: 62797651

Consulate General of Argentina
Rm 402, West Tower, Sun Plaza. 88, Xianxia Lu
Tel: 62780300 Fax: 62958539

Consulate General of Australia
22F, Citic Square, 1168 Nanjing Xi Lu
Tel: 52925500 Fax: 52925511

Consulate General Of Austria
3A,Qihua Bldg.,1375 Central Huaihai Rd.
Tel:  64740268 Fax: 64711554

Consulate General of Belgium
127 Wuyi Lu
Tel: 64376628 Fax: 64377041

Consulate General of Brazil
10B,Qihua Bldg.,1375 Central Huaihai Rd.
Tel: 64370110 Fax: 64370160

Consulate General of Cambodia
Rm.902, Huasheng Building. 400 Hankou Lu
Tel:63619646 Fax:63619646

Consulate General of Canada

Suite 604, West Tower Shanghai Center,
1376 Nanjing Xi Lu
Tel: 62798400 Fax: 62798401

Consulate General of Chile
Rm. 305, Equatorial Hotel, 65 Yan'An Xi Rd.
Tel: 62498000 Fax: 62498333

Consulate General of Cuba
Rm 501, New Town Mansion, 55 Loushanguan Rd.
Tel:  62753078 Fax: 62753147

Consulate General of Czech Republic
12B Qihua Bldg., 1375 Central Huaihai Rd.
Tel: 64712420 Fax: 64741159

Consulate General of Egypt
19A,19B, Qihua Bidg, 1375 Central Huaihai Rd.

Consulate General of Finland
7A, Qihua Bldg., 1375 Central Huaihai Rd.
Tel: 64740068 Fax: 64743485

Consulate General of France
21A&23B.Qihua Bldg.,1375 Central Huaihai Rd.
Tel: 64377414 Fax: 64339437

Consulate General of Germany
181 Yongfu Lu
Tel: 64336953 Fax: 64714448

Consulate General of India
Rm1008, International Trade Center,
2200 Yan'An Xi Lu
Tel: 62758885 Fax: 62758881

Consulate General of Iran
296 Xinhua Lu
Tel: 62814666 Fax: 62810502

Consulate General of Israel
Rm.703,New Town Mansion,
55 Loushanguan Lu
Tel:62098008 Fax:62098010

Consulate General of Italy
11A&B. Qihua Bldg., 1375 Central Huaihai Rd.
Tel:64716980 Fsx:64716977

Consulate General of Japan
8 Wanshan Lu
Tel: 62780788 Fax: 62788988

Consulate General of Malaysia, Shanghai
Unit 1101, 1110-1112, Level 11, Citic Square
No.1168 Nanjing Xi Lu
Tel: 52925424 Fax: 52925951

Consulate General of Mexico
20B. Qihua Bldg., 1375 Central Huaihai Rd
Tel:  64379585 Fax: 64372397

Consulate General of Netherlands
4F, East Tower. Sun Plaza, 88 Xianxia Lu
Tel: 62009076 Fax: 62099079

Consulate General of New Zealand
15F. Qihua Bldg.,1375 Central Huaihai Rd.
Tel:64711127 Fax:64310226

Consulate General of Norway
3F. 12 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
Tel: 63239988 Fax: 63233938

Consulate General of Poland
618 Jianguo Xi Lu
Tel: 64334735 Fax: 64330417

Consulate General of the Republic of Ireland
700A, Shanghai Center, 1376, Nanjing Xi Lu
Tel: 62797088 Fax: 62797066

Consulate General of Republic of Korea
Rm. 402, International Trade Center.
2200 Yan'An Xi Lu
Tel: 62196420 Fax:62196918

Consulate General of Romania (Shanghai)
305 West Tower, Sun Plaza. 88, Xianxia Lu

Consulate General of Royal Danish
Rm. 701, International Trade Center
2200 Yan'An Xi Lu
Tel: 62090500 Fax: 62090504

Consulate General of Russia
20 Huangpu Lu
Tel: 63242682 Fax: 63069982

Consulate General of Singapore
400 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu
Tel: 64370776 Fax: 64334150

Consulate General of Spain
Rm. 303,12 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
Tel:63213543 Fax:63211396

Consulate General of Sweden
6A. Qihua Bldg., 1375 Central Huaihai Rd.
Tel: 64741311 Fax: 64716343

Consulate General of Switzerland
Rm. 302. West Tower, Sun Plaza,
88 Xianxia Lu
Tel: 62700519 Fax: 62700522

Consulate General of Thailand
3F. 7 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
Tel: 63234095 Fax: 63234140

Consulate General of Turkey
13F, Qihua Bldg., 1375 Huahai Zhoag Lu
Tel: 64746838 Fax: 64719896

Consulate General of USA
1469 Huaihai Zhong Lu
Tel: 64336880 Fax: 64746867

Consulate General of Yugoslavia
Rm. 302. Bldg. 1, Lyon Garden, Lane 60,
1 Ronghua Dong Lu
Tel: 62081388 Fax: 62087412


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