Stanley Cup Aspirations? Shanghai Thunderbirds Youth Ice Hockey

Shanghai Thunderbirds Ice Hockey

We are in the thick of Stanley Cup action, down to the final four, and the cup series is only a week away.  Guy Tais are always welcome to catch the action at the Big Bamboo (Pudong or Puxi) for the morning telecasts.  Usually at around 8 or 9am start, Greg Dierickse will be there at the Pudong location (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Your sons and daughters might be also caught up in the spirit.  Thinking about ice hockey in Shanghai, yes we have it!  The Shanghai Thundersbirds is a youth ice hockey organization here in Shanghai.  They are wrapping up the spring 2011 season and are planning for the fall 2011 season when it gets kicked off in August.  Find out more at:  Shanghai Thunderbirds

The Shanghai Thunderbirds are comprised of three teams of expat-kids living in the Pudong / Puxi area who are devoted to hockey in their home countries. Players come from Canada, USA, Sweden, France, Taiwan, Germany, Norway, Finland, Japan, Korea and China. Led by experienced Canadian coaches, the teams train using Hockey Canadian guidelines.

There are three programs:

1) Hockey Initiation Program: HIP. Ages 6-9

2) Development Program: DP. Ages 9-12

3) Program Of Excellence: POE. Ages 12-16


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