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Haohai Robot Restaurant

Haohai Robot Restaurant, Harbin, China


You won't find a single "living" employee when you visit the Harbin Robot Restaurant in Chinas Heilongjiang Province. The only people in the restaurant are the guests. Both waitering and cooking are done using robots.

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Jean-Georges, The best Frech Restaurant in Shanghai

Jean-Georges Restaurant, The Bund 3, Shanghai, China

If you're a connoisseur in French food this is the place to go. A beautiful and quiet  place to enjoy the most delicious dishes the French cuisine has to offer. This doesn't come cheap but it's well worth the money. I've been there a couple of times and will most definitely go there again.

Jean Georges Shanghai
No. 3 The Bund, 4th Floor, 
3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road, 
Entrance on 17 Guang Dong Road
Shanghai 200002

Phone: +86 21 6321 7733

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jean-Georges, Shanghai, China

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Shufu Restaurant (Mercedes Benz Arena)

Shufu Restaurant, Shanghai, China

We went to the Mercedes Benz Arena the other weekend in order to watch a movie. After the movie we decided to go check out the restaurants on the 6th floor, where you can find a variety of good restaurants. We decided on going for the one called Shufu Restaurant. It's part of a chain and supposedly really good.

The restaurant is facing the river and you can see The Bund on the opposite side of the river. If you want to sit at the window to enjoy your dinner you have to make a reservation.

We had a mixture of traditional Chinese Cuisine and every single dish was delicious. I can definitely recommend this restaurant, it's clean, good quality produce and yummy food and the pricing is really competitive.

Mr. Stone

Mr. Stone Steakhouse and Restaurant, Shanghai, China

The other day I was invited out for dinner at the new Mr. Stone located at Lujiazui. The restaurant is an Au advanced/langs/en.js" type="text/javascript"> stralian concept where the meat is served raw on a searing hot lava stone. The meat is excellent and their salad bar containing seafood as well as deserts is delicious. This is definitely a place you should take your family and friends. The cost for a good steak is around RMB 250,- and they have several western cuts on their menu as well as the famous surf & turf (seafood and meat in one course).

If you decide on going there, have a look at their restrooms (Japanese style heated toilets), which are extremely clean compared to many other high end restaurants.

1/F, 96 Plaza, 796 Dongfang Lu
(near Zhangyang Lu)

Phone: 5820 5338

Hours: 11am-10pm

Nizang Garden Restaurant & Bar

The other day one of my friends brought me to a local restaurant called Nizang Garden and I was pleasantly surprised. The food is great and the prices low. The best thing is that they understand and speak English way better than in any other local restaurant I've ever been to.

I tried the Chicken Chow Chow, Black Dal and Garlic Nan. All of these dishes were excellent, but what surprised me the most was the Dal. I've tried a lot of restaurants and so far very few can cook a decent Dal. My friends from India once cooked it for me and I loved it; this Dal is exactly like the one my friends cooked up.

The restaurant can be really hard to find, but it's worth it.

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