Save your school child from back pain.

Protect your childs back with a proper backpack, Shanghai, China

Several hours of schooling a day is not beneficial for the back of children.

Many kids will start school in the coming weeks and there is a very good reason as a parent to pay special attention to your child's back and its well-being.

Too many hours of stationary work can be a challenge for the back. Research from the SDU has previously shown that 10 per cent. of the 12-year-old children have had back pain, compared with the 18-20 year old having a staggering rate of 50-60 percent.

- It is vital that there is variation in how your child sits in school. It can be a good idea to periodically let the children sit on the table, sit on exercise balls or put their legs on the table, and it is obviously also important that the tables and chairs fit together vertically. Parents must also remember that the child gets a good, well-fitting bag for school and that they are not carrying around unnecessary books, says Carol Witte, president of the Arthritis Society.

The Arthritis Society, in collaboration with a rheumatologist and an occupational therapist developed a series of tips on what you as a parent can do to protect the child's back.

- The school bag must be worn on the back.
- The school bag should fit properly on both shoulders, and there must be equilibrium.
- The school bag must also have belly strap that helps distribute weight between the hips and shoulders.
- Make sure your child has the necessary books, so the bag does not become too heavy.
- The child must not sit still when doing homework, but can move the chair and table.
- Make sure your back is upright instead of slouching.
- The child must exercise on his way to school. It strengthens the body to cycle or walk instead of being driven.
- Exercise during leisure time is important. Any movement is good, but if the child already has a backache, swimming is particularly beneficial.
- Young people with part time work must have proper instructions about the spine and learn about lifting techniques.
- Do not smoke. Lumbar back pain is greatly enhanced by smoking


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