Children feel abandoned when the parents SMS'

The children feel hurt when parents may have been physically present but not present.

"Moment, darling. Mother needs to send this SMS. It only takes 10 seconds then I'll be there."

It may sound innocuous, but actually it can have major consequences when parents repeatedly interrupt their children in order to text, take the phone, checking Facebook or send e-mails.

Children develop jealousy

Professor Sherry Turkle 'Massachusetts Institute of Technology' has for the past five years and after 300 interviews, examined how parents' use of technology affects children and adolescents. The conclusion is that many children develop feelings of jealousy and abandonment in cases where parents rely on checking their mobile phone or computer at any time of day.

"Again and again the children came with the same examples of how they were hurt, but would not show it when their mother and father were focused on their electronic devices (mobile or PC, ed.) instead of showing them attention - during meals, when they were picked up from school or during other activities, "says Sherry Turkle to New York Times.

Only the physical presence

Even at home, experts are aware of the fact that parent's excessive need to be available can harm children.

"We are more together with our children than we were some years ago. We are physically present but mentally we are in all sorts of other places.

She suggests, among other things, that the children have difficulty in dealing with the parents alternating present and absence.

Parents not listening

"The child feels lonely, humiliated and unwanted when it can see his parents without being able to get in touch with them. Often the child will also be misinterpreted because the parents only hear half of what it says."

According to the Danish IT & Telecom Agency's latest statistics, we are online on our phone like never before. In just one year the Danish consumption of mobile data increased by 76 percent. In addition you have to add computer use at home.

Children like to copy their parents. It may result in a lack social skills and that they ultimately do not learn to communicate properly. They do not learn what it means to have a dialogue.

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