Christmas excitement in kids

This week most kids are very excited and look forward to Christmas finally arriving. The entire month they have heard about and seen Christmas pranks, Santa Clause, secrets about Christmas gifts, Christmas elves and Christmas TV. They have been partaking in Christmas events in kindergarten and school. In front of them a lot of prearranged hours with family and friends. I think that December is probably the month where kids get less sleep than usual.

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Save your school child from back pain.

Protect your childs back with a proper backpack, Shanghai, China

Several hours of schooling a day is not beneficial for the back of children.

Many kids will start school in the coming weeks and there is a very good reason as a parent to pay special attention to your child's back and its well-being.

Too many hours of stationary work can be a challenge for the back. Research from the SDU has previously shown that 10 per cent. of the 12-year-old children have had back pain, compared with the 18-20 year old having a staggering rate of 50-60 percent.

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Children feel abandoned when the parents SMS'

The children feel hurt when parents may have been physically present but not present.

"Moment, darling. Mother needs to send this SMS. It only takes 10 seconds then I'll be there."

It may sound innocuous, but actually it can have major consequences when parents repeatedly interrupt their children in order to text, take the phone, checking Facebook or send e-mails.

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Protecting your kids from mosquito bites

Scientists are still baffled as to why certain people are mosquito magnets while the people next to them are mosquito repellants. Prevention is the best cure. Here are some ideas I've collected from the internet.

Remember that mosquitoes mostly start entering houses during sunset, so if you take a few precautions even just during this time of the day, you will substantially reduce the number ofmosquitoes entering your house. However, this is not going to help with those mosquitoes already inside your house.

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Things To Keep Your Kids Busy


  • Encourage them to play on a baseball or softball team
  • Have them join a soccer team
  • Make one day a week "Adventure Day" and explore someplace you haven’t been
  • Register them for a scuba class
  • Arrange for a game of "Capture the Flag"

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