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A few of the new features in Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion, new features

Here are some of the new features in Mac OS X Lion.

This is a new tool to share files wirelessly using peer-to-peer Wi-Fi between Mac Computers. Computers supporting AirDrop are automatically discovered.
Transfers are safe as TLS encryption is used. A firewall is also applied between the two users preventing unauthorized access to the computers.

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Microsoft Windows Version History

Microsoft Windows compatible

To follow up on the article on Mac OS X versions, here is the same for Microsoft Windows. As many of you know, the most recent releases have several editions within each individual release from Microsoft. This is perhaps to generate more profit, who knows. The most recent Windows 7 has strict limitations on upgrading from previous versions.

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MAC OS X Version History

Mac OS X Kitten :-)

There have been several releases of the Mac OS X operating system. Besides the Rhapsody Developer Release also referred to as Grail1Z4 or Titan1U and the first public beta in September 2000 called Kodiak we have these official releases.

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OS X 10.7 Lion can be purchased from today

Apple OS X Lion Released

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer confirmed in a call yesterday, regarding the company's earnings in the third quarter, that OS X 10.7 Lion will be released today.

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Cool keyboard shortcuts

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

At times it can be difficult to remember all the shortcuts in Windows, but they can come in handy especially if you can remember some of the more important key combinations.

Learning the shortcuts can save you a lot of time especially when you're working on your computer on a daily basis.

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