The iPhone 5 that only made it to 4S

iPhone 4S

We didn't get the expected iPhone 5 this time, the new smart-phone from Apple does have a few new features.

A new member of the iPhone family has been born. The so-called iPhone 4S is going to replace the iPhone 4 as Apple's flagship in the fast growing smart-phone market.

The official release date should be October 15th.

Below are 10 of the main differences between the iPhone 4 and 4S.

1. Better processor
Apple has given the iPhone 4S a new "heart" making it faster than its predecessor.

The so-called A5 processor, which is a dual core processor, should ensure a higher speed when running applications etc. on it.

On top of that the new 4S has seven times the graphic performance of the iPhone 4 so you should be able to play more advanced games.

2. New Antennae technology
Apple's engineers have developed something called ”wireless system”, which gives the phone the ability to switch between the two antennae for enhanced call quality.

3. Faster Internet on the go
The theoretical download speed for data transferred over 3G has been raised to 14.4 megabit/second. 

iPhone 4 had a limit of 7,2 megabit/second. This should, theoretically, be twice the performance compared to the predecessor when talking about the 3G network. 

4. More battery for conversations - less for Wireless
Despite a more powerful and power "hungry" processor Apple promises a battery performance equal to the iPhone 4.

The tech sheet says that you should be able to talk for up to 8 house over the 3G network (compared to 7 hours on iPhone 4). On the EDGE network you have up to 14 hours, video streaming up to 10 hours, playing music for up to 40 hours, and last but not least, up to 6 hours of Internet surfing on the 3G network.

Internet surfing is only 9 hours using Wireless whereas the iPhone 4 had 10 hours.

5. More storage
iPhone 4S will be offered in three different variations, 16 GB, 32 GB og 64 GB.

6. Better pictures
The iPhone 4S has an upgraded camera with 8 mega pixels. A new lens and sensor technology should give you better colours, sharper pictures and better white balance. Face recognition has been included and Apple promises that iPhone 4S takes pictures twice as fast as HTC Sensation og Samsung Galaxy S II.

7. Better HD-Video
iPhone 4S is capable of shooting HD-Video in full HD (1080p).

8. Personal assistant
Voice control has been seriously updated and you should now be able to control most functions with voice commands.

The new Siri-Technology enables the iPhone 4S owners ability to ask the phone to read an SMS message while driving a car, while training of even while it's in your pocket.

Siri is still in its beta stage and only works in English, German and French. More languages and functions are in the planning.

9. AirPlay Mirroring
With the new update to iOS 5 the 4S is able to 'mirror' what happens on the screen onto your TV. This can be done wirelessly if you have an Apple TV or through a cable and a specially designed adapter.

10. Slightly heavier
The new phone is three grams heavier than its predecessor (140 grams).

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