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The gaming chair for the cool guy

Sony Playstation Playseats Red Bull F1 gaming chair

The latest generation of games for consoles such as the Sony PlayStation is now better than ever, both when it comes to graphics and realism, and you owe quite simply the most talented programmers to use something other than the arrow keys.

This is now possible due to the Red Bulls F1 team and specialist Playseat having joined forces, in order to create the gadget that every man dreams of, in the form of a seat with steering wheel and pedals for the PlayStation.

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Meanest alarm clock om the world

The meanest alarm clock in the world also referred to as the money shredder.

You may like to snooze, but it may cost you.

This is roughly the philosophy behind the world's perhaps most efficient alarm clock, which can make any sluggish amphibian die penniless in record time.

So far the clock is not in production, but is still only a concept-and fortunately for that, because who wants to be awakened by the sound of a paper-document shredder that slices the money that was supposed to have translated into a cool Friday-beer.

The idea, if in doubt, is of course that the alarm clock shreds a bill each time you press the snooze button. You have to feed the money shredder yourself, so that for a morning grim person this may cost at least the smallest available bill to "buy" 10 extra minutes on your belly.

You can of course feed your alarm clock with Laotian Kip, or Burmese Kyat, but then there is an increased risk to be late for work.

Only problem? The alarm clock doesn't pay you interest on the money you put into it, but some would argue that this carries the reward in itself getting up in the morning getting to work on time.

Testing the RCA Media Player

RCA E30T Media Player

I recently bought a media player capable of playing HD video, tons of video and sound formats as well as streaming from the internet. The initial impression was that the design and quality was pretty solid. I've been testing it on my Vifa Surround system (Danish but made in China).

Solid testing has revealed some minor problems with the unit. This could probably be due to the quality of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The board and the whole unit for that matter gets extremely hot when in use.

I have found the following problems with the unit. Connecting a USB hard drive to the front ports worked pretty smooth but I did get several I/O errors (Input/Output) when playing movies. Running movies from the hard drive I installed didn't produce any errors!

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Kindle - Tips & Tricks

There are 3 generations of Kindles. Only the latest is now available. It’s available in two sizes—the “big one” and the “little one,” and in several colors (black and white). And you can choose whether you want it to be wi-fi-only, or also with 3G. My daughter has the little black one, “with 3G.” (The 3G works in China.) They’re all B&W—there are no color Kindles. (We have all three generations.)

I recently bought Kindles for all my kids & their cousins (in China, Europe, & the US), and they all share one account, so that if any one of them buys something, they all have/get it.

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