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Scam warning

Just wanted to warn everyone here about a new scam seemingly related to your iTunes account. Please share this information a.s.a.p.
The following is a message trying to get from you important login information etc. related to your Apple account.
Dear Apple Customer,
Your Apple ID was just used to purchase "Angry Birds" from the iTunes Store on a computer or device that had not not previously been associated with that Apple ID.
You may also be receiving this email if you reset your password since your last purchase. This purchase was initiated from (Volgograd, Russia).
If you made this purchase, you can disregard this email. It was only sent to alert you in case you did not make the purchase yourself.
If you did not make this purchase, we recommend that you urgently check your Apple ID:
Apple ID >
Remember, that Apple will never asks you to provide your secure details by e-mail or phone.
Yours sincerely, 
Apple Inc. 

How to keep your Mac safe!

Internet Security

Due to the recent attacks on Apple products such as Mas's and iPads to mention a few, I have decided to try and give a few tips on how you can protect yourself.

Where is the problem?

The main problem is that most people think; "Apple can't get infected with anything", and an even bigger issue is that the computer shops and malls still tells people that this is a fact. Unfortunately this is one of the main reasons why the malicious code and software can spread as fast as it does. Another problem being that you have a Mac computer and you syncronize it with your iPad, iPhone, iPod etc. thus spreading it even faster.

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New virus attacks Mac's

Apple users have been boasting about having the worlds safest gadgets, but that time now seems to be over.

With Apple's success they will also attract more unwanted attention from hackers. For the time being Apple has created a huge "untouched" market for computer criminals after iPads, iPhones and the popular Macs have gained significant market shares from the competition.

This is surely only the beginning after the cyber-criminals have spotted Apple as a new lucrative marked with millions of users.

Disguised virus

It is a virus-type Trojan, that F-Secure has found. Trojans are malicious software which is packaged into an innocent wrapping. And that is tailored to attack Apple.

This Trojan has been named Flashback.C pretending to be an installation file for the famous Adobe Flash Player, but instead it is a virus that disables the automatic update of the Apple operating system OSX's own built-in security system, thus leaving it open and vulnerable.

This virus infects only Apple's Mac computers, but iPads and iPhones are also in danger of being hit by hacker attacks, especially if users disable the built-in protection that many choose to do in order to install apps that are not authorized by Apple. This can be done using a so-called jailbreak.

New virus joins Mac's in new bot network

The software security firm ESET said that hackers have successfully modified an older Linux malware for Mac OS X.

OSX / Tsunami.A is a new variant of Linux / Tsunami, which is a malicious software that takes control over the computer and uses the machine's network connection to attack websites.

Like its Linux-based predecessors Tsunami seems to be communicating via Internet Relay Chat, or IRC.

Hard coded list

The malware listens to a hard coded list of IRC channels on specific servers and responds to specific commands that other participants in the chat room type.

When the command comes, the infected computers are instructed to attack individual websites by sending a large number of simultaneous requests.

It is better known as a "distributed denial of service attack" (or a live Apple event); the huge number of simultaneous requests to a single website can cause it to crash or go offline.

What's worse is that ESET has detected that tsunamis can force your computer to download even more malware or other software.

The company also said that its antivirus software, ESET Cyber ​​Security for Mac that can detect and remove the malware.

Be on the safe side and make sure you only install software from sources you trust.

Microsoft Windows reports not genuine after reinstall

Microsoft Windows 7 COA

You may find yourself facing activation problems after reinstalling Windows 7. There seems to be a bug in Windows 7 that fails to recognize the key you used (sticker on your computer). This can be due to several problems of which one is the ability to activate properly. This can, as an example, be because of a poor internet connection or security settings on your computer that have become corrupted.

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