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Abel B.'Hahn

Yu Yuan, Yu Garden, Shanghai, China

“I’m sorry my darling. Did you say you have been offered a job in Shanghai?” Well that’s how my adventure started. “And really, you think it might work for me to give up my work and go to China and be a ‘stay at home’ dad?”

So I am here writing this because she did think that, and eventually, so did I. We have been in Shanghai now for three and a half years, and it has been the most challenging and inspiring adventure of my life. I sure never thought of myself as a potential ‘Expat’ or a ‘male trailing spouse’, and now I even find myself as a Guy Tai. A Guy Tai? you ask.

Well just like army wives have their organisation, and so do people who love to play table tennis, male trailing spouses in Shanghai have the Guy Tais to hang out with when the kids are at school and the emails are answered and the ayi knows what to shop for dinner.

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Andrew Owen

My name is Andrew Owen and I am from the UK. I am currently working part-time as Marketing Director for Swiss start-up A La Carte Maps GmbH.

Why I came to China?

My wife has spent most of her working life with just one company (Avon Cosmetics) and she is the reason we came to Shanghai back in October 2006. She is part of the AP Regional marketing team which means she does a lot of travel in the region, especially as half her team are based in the Philippines.

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Kevin Sorensen


My name is Kevin Sorensen and I'm from Denmark. I set up this website because of Ola Falck, who most of you know. In my opinion a website is better than a Google or Yahoo Group as we can control ourselves what the site can do.

Why am I in China?

I'm in China because of my wife. My wife is Chinese and I met her on the internet by accident. I met her in a penpal forum and all I wanted was to know where a picture was taken, and now we're married :-)

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    Lunch meeting @ Krajanek Czech Beer Brewery, 2879 Longteng Avenue.


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    Lunch meeting @ Goose Island Brew House, 209 Maoming Lu.

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