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An important monthly discussion regarding the secrets of a successful GT lifestyle in Shanghai, consider future events and welcome/acquaint new GT’s
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Bold Ideas, Incredible Experiences and a Guy Tai who is new to Shanghai
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If the place is too boring, closed down, has terrible service or is unacceptable we can decide to change the place to another location/time/day in Shanghai area at anytime.

What's Cooking in Shanghai? Guytais are!

Hold onto your spicy meatballs, because as you can see, we had cleavers in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. On March 4th a group of Guytais got together for a Chinese cooking class.

We started with a tour of the wet market where we learned how to buy fresh ingredients including chicken which we saw transform from clucking to ready for frying in just under 5 mins. Not a typical stroll through Carrefour!  

On the way back to the cooking school, we were tempted by the hair solon (see sign below) that had some incredible deals (for example, see what you can get for 188RMB here in China these days) but decided to pass for now.

Once we arrived at the cooking school we broke out the hot peppers and the wine and got down to work. From sweet and sour soup to Chili Chicken and Mapo Dofu, we learned a lot about Chinese cuisine. Both how to cook and how to eat it.  Fortunately, we finished the day successfully without loosing any fingers to the cutting board and gaining some great experience and maybe a few pounds in the process.

Mixology @ Kerry Parkside - The Chistmas Edition

Mixology @ Kerry Parkside - Christmas Edition

On Wednesday December 12th, seven Guy Tais had a great time at the Kerry Parkside  bar spending the afternoon with Celeste Montanaro Kerry’s famous mixologist specialist who taught us the art of making several holiday drinks as well as additional signature drinks from the Kerry Hotel. We started with a Kir Royale and followed that up with seven other drinks ranging from a bacon bourbon old fashioned to a bloody mary with basil and port to mulled wine and apple cider just to name a few.

Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center

Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center, Shanghai, China

On November 15th, 20 guytais (along with assorted visiting fathers-in-law and daughters) were provided with a guided tour of the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center by its owner, Yang Pei Ming. After a quick tour of Chinese history and a look-see of the ~500 posters and prints on display (and a few purchases in the adjoining gift shop), the group adjourned to lunch with a six-beer degustation at the nearby Boxing Cat Brewery, courtesy of resident brewmaster Michael Jordan.

Honeywell Tech Center visit

Honeywell Tech Center visit, Shanghai, China
On October 18, 2012 about twenty Guy-Tais visited Honeywell's Tech Center in Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park to learn more about Honeywell and what they manufacture here in China.   
The Honeywell Technology Experience began with a pretty interesting seven minute video describing China's remarkable growth to date, the eye-opening infrastructure needed over the coming years just to keep up and Honeywell's role in making this happen.  

Read more: Honeywell Tech Center visit

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    World Expo Museum visit, Shanghai.


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    Lunch meeting @ Shanghai Beer Factory, 757 Mengzi Road, Puxi.


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    Lunch Meeting @ BISTRO BURGER, 1F, Mansion, 21 Fumin Lu.


    Thu 18 Jan

    Lunch Meeting @ TOCK'S - A MONTREAL DELI, 221 Henan Zhong Lu, near Fuzhou Lu.

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