Factory visit at Delviel

On Thursday, 5 September 2013, 22 guytais pushed the northern limits of Shanghai to visit Delviel, a cosmetics accessories manufacturer. After a short lecture from husband-and-wife proprietor/management team Arthur Wang and Charlene Zhang, we got a gander at about 70 folks producing the cases, pouches, sieves, and puffs which most buyers of the world's high-end cosmetics--Dior, Guerlain, Chanel, etc.--get. The tour wrapped with an on-site meal--and best of all, each guytai got a free sample!

Read more: Factory visit at Delviel

2013 F1 Practice

Shanghai F1, Shanghai, China

On April 12, eight guytais and a bunch of their kids (it being SAS’s parent-teacher-conference day) visited the annual Friday pre-F1 practice. Besides paying a scalper a lower rate (than the proper CNY80 ticket) to let us in with his three-day tickets (which he’ll presumably resell on the other days too), the Mercedes gull-wing stand, people-watching, the whine of the F1 cars, bargaining the roving earplug vendors down from CNY40 to CNY4, Larry burning his bald spots, and the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, we checked out the 1.2-km karting enterprise nestled in the two right-jutting arms of the F1 track’s 上 shape (the first Chinese character in the word ‘Shanghai’). Next to Kart World was the Shanghai Racing School building, which set some of our minds a-thinking …

Guytai bowling event

Just to prove how much help we needed, the 12 guy tai's who spent the afternoon bowling on Friday March 22, all bowled one game before Bruce arrived. Bruce, currently the bowling pro at Orden Lanes in Puxi, was the national bowling champion of China for 3 years but on this Friday he was coming to provide much need coaching and advice to the 12 of us.

He arrived between the 7th and 8th frames or our first round and quickly realized he had a lot of work on his hands. His awesome bowling and coaching skills easily overcame both his limited English and our limited Mandarin. Everyone learned a ton and bowled a much better second round.

Bruce is an awesome coach and a very nice guy to boot, although he certainly looked a bit tired and haggard after 1 hour of running back and forth between our 3 lanes giving each of us some personal bowling advice between group sessions (complete with visual aids and quick tips).

A great time was had by all (except for possibly Bruce) and everyone learned a thing or two in the process.

Shanghai Children's Hospital

On Thursday March 21 eleven Guytais visited a special unit at the Shanghai children's hospital in Pudong. The unit is run by an organisation called the Bao Bei Foundation. There are 50 to 60 sick babies and children in the unit with an average age of one year. 

The children come to the hospital from orphanages in the east and middle of China. They come to get surgical procedures to correct a variety of conditions - heart problems, eyesight issues, cleft palates, deformed limbs, etc. Their conditions are quite serious, so they need to stay in the hospital from 6 to 12 months.

They then either return to the orphanage they came from or they get adopted by Western families through the Bao Bei Foundation. We had a great visit - gave the children a smiling Guytai's face to make them feel a little better. The unit looks good and the staff are very loving to the children. And many of the Guytais plan to go back on a regular basis. A great outcome and more to come!

Francisco Marin - Photography Exhibition

Francisco Marin, G14 Photo Exhibition, W.I.L.L. Foundation, Shanghai, China

On Saturday March 23rd from 16.00 to 18.00 C14gallery and W.I.L.L. Foundation are inviting you to the first solo photography exhibition by Francisco Marin.  Francisco will exhibit his abstract architectural work, plus the new W.I.L.L. Coffee Table Book and 2 other unique creations for W.I.L.L.

The exhibition is open until April 2nd.  Opening hours are 11am to 6.pm.  They will be closed on Monday.  The address is Rooms 317 & 326, Building 5, Lane 210 Taikang Road (泰康路210弄5号楼317, 近思南路).  +86 (21) 6422 7120.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
A big thank you goes to our event supporters Magnum Wines and Vivien's Homemade.
Please come and join us if you can.
You can read more about Francisco here LinkedIn or Shanghai Daily.

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