Guytai lunchmeeting June 16th

GuyTai Lunchmeeting June 16th 2016

SEAT Group Factory Visit

“On October 8th, a group of guytais visited the SAET Group plant in Songjiang (the western, industrial, part of Shanghai). SAET makes a very specialized type of equipment, the devices used to induction-heat metal to very precise specifications (for a perfect balance of strength and flexibility). Unlike some of our tours, the SAET folks said “sure, take all the pictures you want. Our intellectual property is very hard to copy because it’s so high-tech.”

The plant has about 50 staff, of which three are Italians. In this picture, Ilarion explains to us how SAET devices have to use a combination of water and oil+water cooling to avoid overheating. SAET’s clients tend to be the companies which build the assembly lines for carmakers. After our tour, we ate lunch in the showroom-restaurant of the nearby AJISEN RAMEN plant; if nothing else, we were confident we weren’t eating fake noodles.”

Sino-Finnish Centre of Tongji University

Guy Tai Shanghai, Shanghai, China, Sino-Finnish Centre og Tongji University

Picture © Howard

On Thursday, November 13, the guytais visited the Sino-Finnish Centre of Tongji U. Tongji is one of Shanghai’s Big Four universities (Shanghai has many more, but these four are the ones in the country’s top 25, and they’re each huge—over 30,000 students).

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2014 Shanghai Expat Show

Come meet the Guytais at the annual Shanghai Expat Show.

Shanghai Expat Expo 2014, Shanghai, China

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Guytai Yangshan Deep Sea Port Trip

“On Thursday, 18 guytais piled into three vans to pay a visit to Yangshan, the deepwater (and island) half of Shanghai’s port (which, collectively with the non-deepwater bit on the mainland, is the biggest in the world). Thanks to Maersk, our host, we saw 16 berths stretched over 5.3 km created by filling in the space in and around a small archipelago collectively called Xiaoyang, as well as the 3-km extension.

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