Catching cockroaches

Having cockroaches can be a pain, but there is a chance of getting rid of them. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you getting rid of this pest.

1. Put peanut butter at the bottom of an old jar. Cover the inside top part of the jar with oil, which will prevent the cockroaches from escaping. Once you have captured a few cockroaches, screw on the lid and dispose of everything (the roaches may have laid eggs in the jar so you shouldn't use it again). Place the container in dark corners and behind cabinets.

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Important Contact Numbers

Ambulance 120
English Speaking Operator: 6324 0898

Fire 119
English Speaking Operator: 6321 3535

Police 110
English Speaking Operator: 6321 5380

SOS 24 Hour Service
6295 0099

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Hongbao or Red Envelope Custom

Red Envelope Custom in China, Hongbao

Hongboa or Red Envelope is a very old tradition in China, it can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). Unfortunately expatriates have changed the tradition over the last decade. Now hongbao is basically given to almost everybody and is commonly expected from expatriates.

What the driver and ayi expects is at least a one month salary! Even Chinese have complained that they too have to pay because the ayi's will tell them that expatriates will give them hongbao.

The original tradition is money given in a red envelope to young people. By young the Chinese mean people who are not married, Hongbao is usually also given to retirees and the amount depends on how much you can afford. As a foreigner with a good salary married to a Chinese, the grandparents would expect at least RMB 10.000,-.

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Keping your Air-Con safe

The other day I was in the home of one of my clients where I was able to experience the cleaning of Air-Con ducts for a central HVAC system. This is something that, according to the guy doing the cleaning, should be done once a year.

Inside the ducts humidity usually builds up and it becomes a good host for especially mould. Mould releases spores that are spread simply by using the air-condition. What surprised me was just how much "dirt" was removed from these ducts. The liquid coming out was blackish green and looked horrible.

I decided to contact my doctor in Denmark to check what health risks might be related to especially this kind of risk. He told me that especially black mould also known as black fungus stays in your lungs and it can over time destroy lung tissue. He also mentioned that if you have small children Air-Conditioners should not be used without filters both on the intake parts and especially on the vents inside the house.

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