How good is your ayi?

How good is your ayi at cleaning?

Do you actually know how good your ayi is?

This is something I've been discussing with my wife for a very long time. According to my wife our ayi is far above the normal standard and today I wanted to test just how good she is. The arguments have always been about how she cleans because it's very obvious to me that the cleaning isn't done properly.

  1. The same cloth has been used to clean cupboards, shelves and tabletops for months without being laundered, though we have told her to use a new one each time.
  2. When washing the floors she just rearranges the dirt because the job is not done properly.
  3. She is also very slow compared to me and I have a herniated disk preventing me from working fast.
  4. She washes the floor and then vacuums.
  5. She uses a watery cloth on top of electronic equipment like TV, DVD and Surround System.
  6. She needs close to two hours for cleaning. I can do exactly the same as her in 43 minutes, and I have to struggle with a herniated disk!

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Nuts are full of fat!

Nuts are full of fat!

If you eat 100 g of Pecans, you can have already covered a third of your daily calorie needs

Nuts are healthy. But you must not eat more than 30 grams per day. This is because nuts are fat lumps, you must be careful to eat the right fats, but you should not think that nuts won't make you fat, says Preben Vestergaard Hansen, who is an associate professor of human nutrition at the University College Metropolis.

If you eat 100 g Pecans, you have actually taken in 750 calories. It is equivalent to a little over a third of a woman's normal daily intake of calories.

Especially Pecans are some of the "fattest" nuts according to Preben Vestergaard Hansen.

-There is actually 75 grams of fat in Pecans per 100 grams.

Preben Vestergaard Hansen has looked at the nutritional content and is highlighting their healthiest properties.

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Ticks and what to do

Ticks in Shanghai and Zhejiang Province

Recently there have been a lot of articles in the Chinese news regarding ticks. There seems to be a fast growing population of ticks spreading at alarming rates. This could, according to foreign specialists, be due to the growing amount of dogs and cats of which many roam free and thus spread the threat to urban areas as well as compounds inside the city limits. Ticks are mostly harmless but can lead to serious illness and even death. Several deaths have already been reported in the surrounding areas of Shanghai according to the Chinese news.

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Kids Birthday Party

Many of you are probably wondering where to have a Kids Birthday Party. Here are a few suggestions collected from the other GuyTai's.

Paulaner, 150 Feng Yang Lu (near Yue Yand Lu). It 's a nice place because the kids can play around.
Contact: Ms Saly (6474 5700)

Bowling, Heng Shan Lu
Contact No.: 6474 6666

Buddy Bear Restaurant, 6201A, Cloud Nine Shopping Mall, 1018 Chang Ning Lu
Contact No.: 3372 7115 or 3372 7116
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pizza making party at Pizza Marzano in Xintiandi.
Web Site:

The Usual Suspects


Pizza Hut

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