Ayi salaries out of proportions

Lately we have received lots of reports from expatriates telling us that ayi salaries are blown out of proportions. We decided to investigate in order to get a clear picture of the present situation. The numbers have been crunched and we have even spoken to local Chinese in order to check if they had the same problem.

Local Chinese also complained that having an ayi has become really expensive. The average salary for the families we asked came out above RMB 3.000,- which is higher than the starting salary for a fresh college graduate (they work far more hours than your ayi!). This is pretty good as most ayi's barely reach high school level education.

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Preparing your immune system for winter.

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and your skin is slightly paler. Both mood and body marks that autumn has come and winter is ahead.

Your body needs extra strength to get through the dark months. We need vitamins that work.

More than half of all people will, over the next several winter months, run short on vitamin D, which in particular causes what is known as a winter depression. It is also believed that a third of westerners are in need of extra vitamin supplements on a daily basis.

Therefore many people fill their shopping cart with food supplements and vitamin pills, but it is perhaps not the right solution.

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Removing Carpet Foam from your wooden floors

Some of you may have wondered about the removal of carpet foam on the floor. Usually the foam sticks to wooden floors after several years of use and it can be pretty difficult to remove. Here are some tips on how to easily remove not only carpet foam but also glue residue from double sided carpet tape.

  1. Remove the carpet and vacuum the floor.
  2. Rub off as much of the foam as possible by hand, do not use metal objects to avoid marring of the floor.
  3. Use a hair dryer to heat up a small area of the foam and use a plastic spatula to remove the foam.
  4. Work your way across the entire area.
  5. Vacuum the floor again.
  6. To remove the remainder of the foam or glue you can use a cheap cooking oil.
  7. Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the area, then leave it to dissolve the foam/glue.
  8. Wipe down the floor with a rugged cloth and you should be able to remove the last of the foam /glue.
  9. If you still have residue on the floor you can use an adhesive remover, but this shouldn't be necessary.
  10. Remember to sand and reseal the floor!


Mifan Mama needs your help!

Dear Mifan Mama Supporters,

August was a very hot month for us here in Shanghai, sometimes reaching 40 degrees, so you can only begin to imagine how hot and uncomfortable it must have been for those children and carers at Lao Wang's Orphanage in Anhui.

On a personal note, Tony and I got what every Expat dreads : Tony was called to the office by HR and told "your contract won’t be renewed and as senior staff you are now on gardening leave". That happened to us in July. What did we do? At first we panicked - what would happen to the Mifan Mama Volunteer Group and especially the children of Anhui? We felt that our time in China was not finished (we have been here since 1999 – we only came for two years) and our work for Orphans was not done. So Tony started looking into getting another job here in China, preferably in Shanghai. He was eventually offered two jobs : one near Nanjing and the other in Shanghai. I am happy to report that everything has worked out well - Tony will start his new job on 13 September and we are able to stay in our present home which is wonderful. Someone up there also thinks we have more work with Orphans here in China.

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