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Ayi and Driver salaries 2013

Ayi and driver salaries 2013, Shanghai, China

Here are the very general results of the survey from a small sampling. Please don't make this a viral argument. This was/is intended as a guide for we ignorant, wide-eyed, new to Shanghai, folk. Best intentions.

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How to pour the perfect glass of champagne.

Champagne, Shanghai, China


If you want a glass of champagne, which preserves as much of the original flavor and as many of its bubbles as possible, then you pour the sweet drink down along the inside of the rim instead of pouring it down the middle of the glass.

This is the result of a research done by French researchers after a series of experimental studies to pour 100 ml champagne up in tall, oblong champagne glass.

The analysis reveals that it also helps to serve champagne at 4 degrees rather than at 12 or 18 degrees Celsius.

- This is the first analytical proof that low temperatures increase a drink's chill and helps to retain bubbles.

The researchers believe that low temperatures are best, because both the diffusion of CO2 molecules in the bubbles and liquid viscosity of the champagne - how thick it flows - is influenced by temperature.

Cold champagne keeps the bubbles; warmer champagne loses them.

The find was confirmed by infrared, thermographic measurements, which clearly shows how the dissolved CO2 escapes up the glass with warm champagne.

Professor of chemical physics Gérard Liger-Belair and his colleagues from the Universite de Reims has gradually made a large number of champagne studies.

They note that small bubbles in champagne are important because they help to transfer both taste, smell and feel to the mouth and thus affect the whole experience of champagne.


Security Alert - Child abduction!

Shanghai child abduction warning

There has been another security alert issued this time by Concordia School which, again, is in Jinqiao, Pudong.  It also concerns the apparent attempted abduction of students in the street.

The police have already been contacted and it is unlikely that this was a misunderstanding.

Please read the following email sent out to parents.

It is recommended that parents remind children of safety practices when outside the home. And also that Ayis and Drivers are informed so that they too can help keep our neighbourhoods safer.

Dear Parents,

We wanted to make you aware of a report received by the school today involving students in our neighborhood and the response from Concordia.

Sunday evening two students were walking on Mingyue Road near the Royal Garden complex.  A white, 4-door vehicle pulled up and a man jumped out and tried to grab two high school aged students.  Fortunately, the students were able to get away and with their parent’s assistance have been working with the Public Security Bureau (PSB).

I will of course update you if I receive any further information and again remind you and your families to remain vigilant.

Mr. Paul Friend


6 important manners your child has to learn

Important manners you child has to know

Few parents care about what others think of their badly behaved children. So if you teach your children the most important basic manners, you will do both kids, yourself and others a great service.

First Say thank you
Even from a very early age, one can easily teach them to say thank you if they get something from others. It's a basic courtesy that all children should be familiar with.

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