Century Eggs

A very cultural dish in China is the Century Egg (PiDan 皮蛋), also referred to as Thousand Year Egg, Millennium Egg, 100 Year Egg etc. These eggs are rarely matured more than 100 days. The egg is made by using alkaline materials mixed with clay and then left to "cure" for up to 100 days.

The taste can be anywhere from light to burning your tongue and the stonger the smell of amonia/sulphor the stronger the taste.

These eggs are used in a variety of dishes and varies depending on the region you're in. One thing is certain, you either like it or not :-)

How to make them yourself.

2 cups Very strong black tea 
1/3 cup  Salt 
2 cups Each ashes of pine wood, Ashes of charcoal and ashes from fireplace 
1 cup Lime 
12 Fresh duck eggs
1. Combine tea, salt, ashes and lime. Using about 1/2 cup per egg, thickly coat each egg completely with this clay-like mix- ture. Line a large crock with garden soil and carefully lay coated eggs on top. Cover with more soil and place crock in a cool dark place. Allow to cure for 100 days. To remove coating, scrape eggs and rinse under running water to clean thoroughly. 
2. Crack lightly and remove shells. The white of the egg will appear a grayish, translucent color and have a gelatinous texture. The yolk, when sliced, will be a grayish-green color. 
3. To serve, cut into wedges and serve with: 
4. Sweet pickled scallions or any sweet pickled vegetable 
5. Sauce of 2 tablespoons each vinegar, soy sauce and rice wine and 1 tablespoon minced ginger root. 

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