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Furniture and homeware

Shanghai furniture and homeware, Shanghai, China

Here are a few of the places where you can buy furniture and home ware. Please be warned that if you want to buy antiques in China you have to hire a local specialist because it's impossible for the untrained eye to spot the fakes. Also remember that some antique furniture can't be exported from China, to be a bit more specific, furniture from the different dynasties have restrictions on them.

David Qian
201 Anfu Lu
(near Wukang Lu)

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First TASTE Store Shanghai has opened

Taste Shopping Mall, Shanghai, China

The 4,300 sq-m food store offers the very best of East and West at competitive prices for increasingly sophisticated customers who demand both quality and healthy options and provides them with "More Than Food" shopping experiences.

The first TASTE store in Shanghai, located in Gubei, is a new generation of lifestyle food store with a contemporary layout targeting both Chinese and foreign customers.

TASTE offers over 25,000 items from all over the world, more than half of which are sourced from over 40 countries including Britain, the United States, France, Italy, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.

It provides a huge selection of top graded meat, imported cheese, and packed seafood from around the world as well as a wide array of breads and pastries.

There is also an extensive wines & spirits section.

The first Shanghai TASTE store is located at

B1 Maison Des Artistes
533, Hongbaoshi Road.

It opens from 8a.m to 10p.m, seven days a week.

News article:

From Wikipedia: Taste is a chain supermarket in Hong Kong owned by AS Watson, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Limited. It began the first branch in Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong in 2004, but most of the branches are opened based on the re-decoration of Park'n Shop, Taste's sister company. Its main customers are middle-class families. Its retail products are similar to those in Park'n Shop and Great.

Sam's Club Shanghai opened

Sam's Club Shanghai

Sam's Club has opened their first store in Shanghai. It is located in Pudong at the intersection of JinXiu Lu and GaoKe Xi Lu.

The shopping atmosphere is just like in the US according to my US friends. I have been there and I will never go shop in Carrefour, Metro or any other "Chinasized" foreign shopping mall.

The store has lots of space between the ailes (four shopping carts probably fit next to each other!). a huge selection of imported goods (I recall them mentioning at least 1000!) and when you go to the dairy and vegetable/fruuit section it's just like being back home; nice organized and extremly clean.

1-3/F, Youyou Trade Center
2110 Gaoke West Road
Pudong District

Phone: 021-50125022

Membership fee: RMB 150,-


Media Markt at Hua Hai Lu has opened

Media Markt Shanghai

I just wanted to update everybody on the Media Markt Store at HuaHai Lu. The store is part of the No. 1 European electronic goods retailer. The prices are very competitive and can even outperform the local markets on original software and hardware. The service is excellent and just like in Europe.

MediaMarkt (Shanghai) Commercial & Trading Company, Ltd.
1/F - 6/F Jin Jiang International Shopping Center,
527 Huaihai Road (M), Luwan District,
Shanghai 200021, P.R. China

Opening Hours: Daily from 10 am – 10pm


Confucian Song - Men's Tailor

My good friend, Mr. Song, has finally opened his tailor shop inside the Shanghai Wan Center (opposite Ba Bai Ban / Pudong Nan Lu)

Song specializes in Traditional Chinese clothes, but he is also capable of making western style suits and shirts. He even fuses the styles to create astonishing designs. His main focus is to provide high qu ality clothes at an affordable price. Finding the shop can be a little tricky. The shop has number 130 and can be seen if you stand in front of HB (German Bar), looking to your left.

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