The world's best dietary advice is called fitness

Running and other exercises is superior to even the healthiest diet when it comes to keeping your body healthy.

Jerk W. Langer runs a marathon every week. And as a doctor and health expert, he is by nature interested in new research.

Something that particularly interests Langer right now, is the Nutrition Council of Norway. The Council has looked at virtually all comparative studies of diet and exercise. And clearly and unequivocally concludes, that the scientific evidence that exercise makes us healthier is much better than the evidence of the benefits of healthy eating.

- I totally agree with the researchers, and know it from myself. If you stay physically active, you can get away with eating almost everything. The training creates room for jelly, chips, red steaks and whipped cream, but of course not every single day. Most people who want the best for their body, fortunately most do not choose between exercise and healthy food, but do something about both, Jerk W. Langer points out, adding:

- Today we have become aware that a good condition is the best indicator that you are fit and healthy. And more importantly: That we will remain so. Even a daily walk at a brisk pace reduces the risk of serious diseases. But if you really want to make real health gains, then fitness hat to go up, and it requires that you get sweaty and start gasping for air. Within reasonable limits, it is really very simple. The more training the better.

The running physician welcomes that can see exercise sneaking into dietary advice and food pyramids. But if you still are a bit reluctant while lacing your running shoes, then Jerk W. Langer has another scientific prize to throw on the table.

- New research also shows that every time you run, your muscles will start a chemical process, forming new brain cells particularly in the hippo-campus, which is crucial for memory. Exercise increases the amount of the signal substance BDNF, which partly forms new brain cells, and maturing them into functional cells. This explains why race is not just good for our physical health but also for the psychic. You feel more comfortable and it reinforces sleep quality, you are happier, and remember better. So running programs are actually shortcuts to a better, happier and healthier lives, "says Jerk W. Langer.





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