Bicycle Riding in Shanghai

Bicycle Riding in Shanghai

Devin S. founded a ride 10 years ago, from the Emerald in Kangqiao, that to-this-day rides every Sunday at 8:00. There are now more compounds nearby like Tiziano, Belle Woods and a host of others, so it averages a diverse group of about 20 +/- riders.

Back then there was nothing except farmland with dirt trails and extremely rural villages. Staying off main roads (or "The Grid" as I call it) was easy, but now it's very hard.

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New exercise fad can kill you

Crossfit, the potential fatal exercise

People flock to crossfit, but the hard training can end up with kidney failure

A new training wave rolls over the world. Interest in the physically demanding type of training called crossfit, where people performs a series of exercises at very high intensity has exploded, and some suppliers indicate a growing demand.

But many who train crossfit are not aware that this very physically demanding workout can go wrong. Even if you are used to raise your heart rate in other forms of training.

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