Things To Keep Your Kids Busy


  • Encourage them to play on a baseball or softball team
  • Have them join a soccer team
  • Make one day a week "Adventure Day" and explore someplace you haven’t been
  • Register them for a scuba class
  • Arrange for a game of "Capture the Flag"
  • Organize a water balloon fight
  • Enroll them in a street hockey league
  • Coordinate a scavenger hunt
  • Take them to the driving range to hit golf balls and improve their swing
  • Install a basketball hoop in your driveway, and then play with them
  • Participate in nature walks together
  • Visit state parks and take guided hikes
  • Get season passes to the local minor league baseball team
  • Take them camping, even if it is only in the backyard
  • Establish an annual family mini-golf tournament
  • Get a season pass to a nearby amusement park
  • Help them build a soap-box car and then hold a derby
  • Sign them up to be officials in kiddie sports leagues
  • Organize a neighborhood Olympics
  • Play flashlight tag on a warm night
  • Build a skateboard park for kids
  • Have them join the swim team
  • Urge them to take lifeguard training
  • Take them horseback riding
  • Hold a monthly swimming and pizza day
  • Take them bowling
  • Send them to cheerleading camp
  • Teach them to fish
  • Schedule family game nights
  • Have kids take turns picking videos for a family “movie night” at home.
  • Go birdwatching
  • Go to a fish store to see different varieties
  • Have them write and put on a play
  • Make kids responsible for grooming family pets
  • Have the kids plan dinner menus
  • Attend State and County fairs


  • Enroll them in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
  • Clean Up the Neighborhood
  • Urge them to help an older neighbor by taking out trash, grocery shopping, etc
  • Urge them to set-up or reorganize the library at your local place of worship
  • Volunteer with them at a soup kitchen
  • Encourage them to volunteer at a hospital
  • Encourage them to read to patients at a local nursing home
  • Help them to set up a recycling program in your neighborhood
  • Help them coordinate a "School Clean-Up"
  • Paint old school buildings together
  • Have them care for animals at the local SPCA
  • Sign up the family to build houses with Habitat for Humanity
  • Encourage them to write a letter to their Member of Congress


  • Have them volunteer their babysitting services to friends and relatives
  • Encourage them to become the neighborhood dog walker
  • Employ them around the house -- give them fix-it or clean up projects
  • Help them start a neighborhood newspaper - reporting on the latest!
  • Give them weekly errands like shopping or getting the mail
  • Have them hold a car wash for the neighborhood
  • Set up a lemonade stand
  • Encourage them to hold a "fun fair" for younger kids
  • Give them a list of daily chores
  • Hold a multi-family garage sale
  • If possible, bring them to your office a few days a week to help out
  • Have them research a major family purchase
  • Help them start a pet sitting service while people are on vacation
  • Help them start a business teaching older people how to use the computer


  • Teach them astronomy and star gaze together
  • Inspire them to design their dream house
  • Send them to church sponsored activities
  • Give them space for a garden and teach them to grow vegetables or flowers
  • Enroll them in a CPR training class
  • Check out books from the library each week
  • Help them start a global e-mail club
  • Take them to zoos and museums
  • Teach them to identify plants and trees in the area
  • Have them learn to play a musical instrument
  • Urge them to conduct a family history search on the Internet or at the library
  • Tell them to do a land survey of the 10-square blocks around your house
  • Start a book club with your kids
  • Have them read an article in the “opinion” section of the newspaper and ask their views
  • Conduct science experiments
  • Take a cooking class together
  • Encourage them to "play" the stock market and monitor their investments
  • Have them learn about the customs of other cultures


  • Start a neighborhood art group
  • Give them the camcorder, and let them make their own home movie
  • Teach them to do bark rubbings
  • Build, and maintain, a birdfeeder
  • Give them the supplies to create their own personalized stationery
  • Set up a craft room for tye-dying tee shirts
  • Show them how to create their own postcards
  • Encourage them to write a song, and then let them record it
  • Build a treehouse together
  • Have them decorate pots and plant seedlings as gifts for the elderly
  • Have them take pictures of their favorite summer moments and make a scrap book
  • Teach them to knit or crochet

Other Ideas...

  • Send them to their grandparents for a change of scenery
  • Take them strawberry picking at a local farm and then feast on the fruit
  • Make homemade ice cream together
  • Organize a pet show
  • Coordinate a weekly Family Film Festival
  • Organize a neighborhood block party
  • Create, and tend to, an ant farm together
  • Create an "award" for summer achievements

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