Sheshan trip May 19th


Sheshan, Shanghai, China

Thursday May 19 saw eight Guytais take a road trip to Sheshan, a small hill one hour west of downtown Shanghai. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s about the only hill anywhere close to the Shanghai delta. The hill is visible for miles around and it's notable for a cathedral and an observatory on the top. The hill itself is covered in trees and is a well known Shanghai beauty spot which attracts thousands of visitors on weekends. The cathedral was designed by Portugese missionaries and was built between 1939 and 1958. It was gutted during the Cultural Revolution and the stained glass windows were destroyed, but it was restored later on and today it’s an imposing structure and it’s the largest Christian church in Asia. The observatory was built back in the 1920’s with involvement from the French. Today it’s a museum.

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GuyTai's visit Dishui Lake

Guy Tai - Dishui Lake Trip

On May 10 9 Guytais set out to visit Dishui Lake, which claims to be the largest man made lake in China.  It is located SE of Shanghai just at the very tip of the land before Ocean takes over.  In fact, the developers reclaimed a surprising amount of what was wetlands to create this lake and what will become the city that surrounds it.  The plan to to house up to 800,00 people in the surrounding city.  This is a city in the process of being built so if you come out to explore you will need to use your imagination.  The lake is connected to the ocean through a canal that has a substantial lock on the ocean side to prevent the ocean water from filling the lake.  It appeared that the lake was being fed by one of he local streams/rivers, and appeared to be fresh water.

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Shanghai Auto Show 2011

Shanghai Auto Show 2011

On April 22, 4 GuyTai's set out to conquer the Shanghai Autoshow Sean, Ch ris, Greg, & Michael.  Many of us had never met before, but we were united in one goal, "to check out hot cars, and to drink good beer".  We were lucky enough to score some tickets for the pre-public days.  A very generous GT's wife came up with 4 tickets and he offered them to 3 GT's he had never met before.  That is a great way to meet new people and make friends quickly!

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Shanghai F1 - 2011

Shanghai F1 - 2011

Guytais John, Chris, and Eric spent the Friday morning before the annual F1 race casing the Jiading track, 40 km to the northeast of Shanghai.

In the actual race on Sunday, 12 teams (with two cars each) will compete. More than “who will win,” the big question is whether Shanghai’s record of a different winner every year—which has held for the seven F1 races so far held here—will continue.

The CNY80/person one-day ticket got them into the whole venue, so they visited the verges as well as a number of the grandstands to check out the views.

The consensus was, it’s really, really, loud (as in, if you’re holding a cold Corona bottle in your hand, it might vibrate out of your hand if a couple cars pass you at the same time): if you visit, don’t forget your earplugs, or buy some from the hawkers just outside the gates.

GuyTai's visit to the Buick Automotive Plant

Shanghai GM Logo

On March 2, 2011 20 GuyTais participated in a tour of the General Motors Buick Plant in Shanghai.  GM’s senior executive responsible for Supply Chain conducted an introductory overview presentation about GM, the global competition, and the opportunity in China.  We then visited a show room, and then embarked upon the plant tour.  After the tour we departed for a much needed lunch and drink or three at a local Brewery in Puxi.  We ate, drank, and made merry with a culminating Flaming Statue of Liberty Toast to end a great day!  Following are some comments of the Guys.

Welcome to the GuyTais!

Chris T.

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