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One of the guys who did a lot of the heavy lifting to get Guy-Tai's up and running will be back in Shanghai. There are many stories during Ola's leadership - one that I always found emblematic of him occured during the Swedish royal family visit to Shanghai during the 2010 Expo. Ola and his wife found a way to meet the newly married prince and princess of Sweden. During this meeting he humorously acknowledged his praise and respect for the former gym owner and personal trainer that married into royalty, and made the prince an honorary Guy-Tai. The prince and the crowd had a great laugh and I think that all of you will as well if you can come by and have a drink with Ola.

Ola Falck will be in town the week after Easter. For all the members who joined Guy-Tai's after Christmas in 2010, Ola was the leader of GT's in the beginning. Ola and his family moved back to Sweden and he left not only Shanghai, but also Guy-Tai's by jumping back into HR leadership at IKEA. As many of you have seen IKEA is growing by leaps and bounds here in China and I suspect that is why he is back in town.

A bunch of us will be meeting at the Kerry "Brew Pub" on April 10 at noon. Ola is a legendary story teller and good guy so if you are looking for a good time and to drink some tasty icy cold beer come on down to the Brew.  Give me a heads up if you plan to come by so I can give the Brew a heads up for how many lunches they may need to cue up.

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Guy Tai Coke Tour February 24, 2012

Guy Tai Coca Cola Tour, Coca Cola, Shanghai, China

For one of our most successful events, 30 Guy Tai members headed out into the Pudong suburbs for a special guided tour of the Coca Cola bottling plant in Shanghai. The tour included seeing a short video of Coke in China (started up in China in the mid 20’s) a visit to the Coke museum and then what everyone was waiting for, a tour of the actual bottling plant which was quite amazing to take in. We watched as machines filled, sealed and packed 1,600 cans of coke EVERY minute. The engineering and machinery was amazing to watch. We also got to see bottles by the thousands being filled with Sprite and watched as plastic tops whizzed down from the floor above to somehow make it right side up and screwed onto the plastic bottles at a dizzying speed. And all of this supervised by no more than 10 to 15 people on the production floor.

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GuyTai's attending the Big Super Bowl 46 Party

Super Bowl 46, Kerry Center, Shanghai, China

On Feb 6th 2012 Kerry Parkside hosted the biggest Super Bowl party in Shanghai, with a confirmed 450 people attending.  11 Guy-Tais bought a table together and attended this once a year extravaganza.  The doors opened at 6:30 and Kick off started at 7:30.  Ronny and David were the first to arrive and went straight for the Mimosa's.  Chris strolled in just before 7 and the rest arrived between 7 and kick off.  There was a great breakfast spread offered with protein: eggs any style, bacon with and without clenbuterol, sausages, cheeses; the ever popular carbs: pancakes, waffles, a variety of breads and pastries, all sorts of cereals, a variety of potato dishes, and lots of fruit choices; and last but most important free flowing beverages: lots of juice choices, mimosa's, and craft beer from the BREW, you had the option to buy mixed drinks.   The Kerry did an excellent job setting up the food stations, and everyone at our table had seconds and some went up for fourths.

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Guy Tai Lunch - Mi Terra

Mi Terra, Restaurant, Shanghai, China

The Guy Tai committee would like to thank Francisco Marin for organizing the excellent Mexican lunch and Tequila tasting at Mi Tierra restaurant November 25th. The seventeen Guy Tai who attended were treated to a frosty beer or marguerita (or two), a great lunch and to close the afternoon an informative and tasty lecture on the various kinds of tequila and how best to enjoy the drink.

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NFLX in Shanghai

NFL in Shanghai, China

The NFLX is coming so maybe you'd like to pop into the website and have a look

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