Alcatel-Lucent tour.

Guy Tai, Alcatel-Lucent, Shanghai, China

Nine Guy Tais traveled to the burbs of Shanghai to visit the massive Alcatel-Lucent manufacturing facility courtesy of Cedric Gionet’s wife - who heads up HR for Alcatel-Lucent.

We had a private tour of the high tech facility where we had the opportunity to watch as chips and transistors etc were assembled to make communication devices used by pretty much every telecom provider in the world. The plant employs over 1,000 plus people operating with two shifts seven days a week. As the telecom industry goes, so goes Alcatel-Lucent.

The tour was followed by a visit to Le Pistolera where we enjoyed margaritas, tacos, and a shot or two. A good time was had by all.

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Farewell to a few Guy Tai's

Chris Thompson, Guy Tai, Shanghai, China

Last Friday twenty or so members of the Guy Tai community gathered at the Kerry Parkside Hotel to say goodbye to Chris Thompson who is heading off to Zurich, Abel B'Hahn who is heading off to New York and Jurgen Laske who is heading off to Bangladesh. We are sad to see such committedd and interesting guys leave Shanghai but in the world of trailing spouses, you follow the money and in this case it happens to be our wives who all have excellent exciting careers in the global marketplace.

If Abel, Chris or Jurgen are reading this please feel free to post and keep us updated on your travels - and that goes as well for any other ex members of the Guy Tai community. Let us hear how its going wherever you are.


Ningbo Museum


Ningbo Museum, Guy Tai, Shanghai

On June 6th 8 Guy Tai's went to Ningbo in order to visit the Ningbo Museum, which is also known as the Yinzhou Museum. The meseum itself has been constructed using a lot of old tiles and stones that were left over when rebuilding the old town of Ningbo. Bamboo which is very common in the Yangze river area has also been used to "frame" the tiles.


Ningbo Museum is designed by Wang Shu, the first Chinese citizen to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The design is a conceptual combination of mountains, water and oceans. The first floor of the museum is constructed as a whole part, while the building starts to tilt on the second floor, giving the whole building a mountain and also a boat shape. This design alludes the geographical feature in Ningbo as well as the importance of over-sea commerce in its history, thus making the museum a symbol of Ningbo history and culture.


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Farewell to Chris and Abel

Farewell party Chris & Abel

Bao Steel plant visit

Bao Steel plant visit in Shanghai

On Friday May 11 twenty-one guy tai members toured the Bao Steel plant in Shanghai. The plant site is 20 km in size and we were told they employ 50,000 people. The size and scope of the place boggles the mind.

Read more: Bao Steel plant visit

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