Shanghai Expat Show 2016

Shanghai Expat Show 2016, GuyTai Booth

During the weekend of September 9-11, guytais took turns staffing the booth the World Events Agency so generously provided us at the Shanghai Expat Show (aka “the Expat Expo”). Besides educating passers-by on the benefits of the guytai lifestyle, a guytai’s daughter’s Interact (“baby Rotary”) club sold baked goods, generating cash to be donated to the Will’s Foundation orphanage on Chongming Dao.

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Latest events

  • Thu 19 Oct

    Lunch Meeting @ HB München Restaurant & Bar, 305 Jinyan Rd, Pudong.


    Thu 21 Sep

    Lunch Meeting @ Bling Pig Bourbon & Smokehouse, 132 Nanyang Lu.


    Thu 17 Aug

    Lunch Meeting @ Hooters, 168 Lujiazuei West Road (back of Super Brand Mall).


    Thu 15 June

    Lunch Meeting @ Goose Island Brewhouse, 209 Maoming Lu (near Weihai Lu).


    Fri 26 May

    Game 7 Hockey @ Big Bamboo, Jinxiao.


    Wed 17 May

    Summer Farewell Lunch @ Goose Island Brewhouse, 209 Maoming Lu


    Thu 05 May

    Meditation class.


    Thu 20 April

    Lunch Meeting @ Disney Town.

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