Nuts are full of fat!

Nuts are full of fat!

If you eat 100 g of Pecans, you can have already covered a third of your daily calorie needs

Nuts are healthy. But you must not eat more than 30 grams per day. This is because nuts are fat lumps, you must be careful to eat the right fats, but you should not think that nuts won't make you fat, says Preben Vestergaard Hansen, who is an associate professor of human nutrition at the University College Metropolis.

If you eat 100 g Pecans, you have actually taken in 750 calories. It is equivalent to a little over a third of a woman's normal daily intake of calories.

Especially Pecans are some of the "fattest" nuts according to Preben Vestergaard Hansen.

-There is actually 75 grams of fat in Pecans per 100 grams.

Preben Vestergaard Hansen has looked at the nutritional content and is highlighting their healthiest properties.

Nuts have a high content of fibre, but especially pistachios stands out by having a higher content. They contain 10 grams of fiber per 100 grams, and it is quite reasonable in relation to the fact that we need to have between 25-35 grams of fiber a day.

Other types of nuts typically contains 7-9 grams.

Nuts are actually a very good source of iron, and especially cashews have a high iron content.

Cashew nuts contain six mg per 100 grams, while the pistachios is a close second with four mg per 100 grams.

A woman needs at least 15 mg of iron in a single day.

Potassium is important in order to maintain your fluid balance and it can reduce blood pressure. Nuts contain potassium, and pistachios has the highest potassium content with a gram per 100 grams.

Our daily intake should be three grams.

Vitamin E
E-vitamins, antioxidants, and they do a lot of good for our body. They protect our cells. Nuts have a high content of vitamin E, and particularly groundnuts tops the list.

If you eat 100 grams of peanuts per day, you can, in principle, cover your daily need for vitamin E. Other nuts covers about 50 percent.

If you are vegan, give nuts a golden opportunity to supplement your protein intake. And here groundnuts also stand out.

Peanuts contain: 26 grams of protein per 100 grams, and women do not need more than 50 grams daily.

Other nuts contain between 10 and 20 grams.

There is a high content of folic acid in vegetables and nuts, and it is among other things folate, a women who wishes to become pregnant should get enough of.

Most nuts cover up to 40-50 percent of the daily requirement and are therefore a good sources of folate. Almonds can in principle cover 60% if you eat 100 grams per day. The recommendation from the authorities is, however, still only 30 grams of nuts a day.

Nuts have a high fat content, and Pecans are the worst. Almonds on the other hand, contains less fat than other nuts, and nuts in general contain the healthy kind of fat.

Almonds contain 40 grams of fat per 100 grams. They also have a high content of protein, potassium, fiber, iron and vitamin E.

- Almonds has in fact three times as high a level of E-vitamins. Health wise, I would say that almonds are a very good and perhaps the healthiest choice in relation to the nuts, says Preben Vestergaard Hansen.

Moreover you should preferably avoid nuts that are salted, flavoured or oil roasted. That would only make them contain even more fat.


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