Chicken Kabob [2 servings]


6 oz boneless raw chicken breast, broilers or fryers
4 cups Sweet raw, red pepper
3 cups broccoli flower raw
6 cups raw mushroom, sliced
2 tbsp vinegar, apple cider
4 cups red, ripe raw tomato
5 tsp olive oil
1 tsp ground basil
1 1/2 cup canned chicken broth condensed
1 tsp organo ground
2 garlic cloves

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Protein Waffles


3 egg whites
1/4 cup oat flour
2 scoop vanilla Protein powder(assumes roughly 4g carbs, 45 g protein, 2 g fat)
1 tbsp applesauce
1 packet artifical sweetner
Dash of cinnamon

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Spicey Turkey Chilli [4 Servings]


6 oz boneless raw chicken breast, broilers or fryers
3.5 cups Turkey Breast (HoneySuckle White)
822 grams Stewed Tomatoes, Cajun, (del monte)
16 oz Tomato Sauce (Hunt’s)
4 oz Old El paso green chilies chopped
1 medium raw onion, 2.5” diamter approx
10.5 tbsp McCormick/Shillin, chili seasoning

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Curried Chicken [2 Servings]


5 oz boneless raw chicken breast, broilers or fryers
1/4 cup canned chicken broth , condensed
4 tsp cornstarch
5 cups raw mushroom, sliced/pieces
4 tsp extra virgin olive oil
2 cups red pepper, sweet raw
2 cups green raw snap bean
1 cup low fat yogourt (12g protein per 8 ounce serv)
2 tsp curry powder

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Protein Fortified Rice (Eggs)


50 grams raw broccoli, raw, chopped or diced
25 grams raw celery
6 egg whites
100 grams raw mushrooms
1/4 cup long dry brown uncooked rice
1/4 cup pace chunky salsa
2 tbsp naturall brewed soy sauce lite
1 cup raw spinach
50 grams raw onion

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